At Rainy Frog we’ve released close to 100 games digitally in Japan, including more than 50 on Switch, making the company one of the largest publishers on the Nintendo eShop in Japan. In 2019 we also started publishing physical games in Japan and Asia increasing our experience in the Japanese video game publishing business.

We’ve started a blog to share some of the information we’ve learned over the years and hope that you find it interesting. If there are any subjects you want us to cover then please let us know.

DIY Publishing in Japan

Manekineko are often displayed outside shops to invite business

Rainy Frog uses its expertise and knowledge of the Japanese market to give the best chance of success, carefully planning how to position and promote each game to Japanese consumers. Of course we think this is the best approach, but if you decide to go it alone here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Localise the game title

If you look at the Japanese eShop you’ll notice that game...

Understanding the Japanese Video Game Market

The three biggest console video game markets of Europe, America and Japan each have their own characteristics, but Japan undoubtedly has less in common than the other two. Here are some thoughts on what’s different.

1. Wait and See

Japanese people in general are weary of new things and are less likely to take a chance on something new. Whereas western players don’t mind to be first so they can tell their friends about a product, you’ll find Japanese consumers don’t want to take that chance and are much happier to wait until they hear more about it. This makes launching any...